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Stormy Productions has over a decade of experience in streaming High School sports. In 2020, The streaming landscape changed completely.

Previous to 2020, our coverage was concentrated on playoff events. Attendance limits at games prompted the explosion of regular season coverage. Stormy Productions had two successful seasons covering a handful of high schools in Northeast Colorado. During that time, we were approached by several other people looking at the possibility of expanding into HS Sports streaming.

While Social Media channels were invaluable to the birth of streaming, we have reached the limits of their capabilities. That leads us to the creation of Stormy Sports Net. A completely free platform for viewers that allows access to multiple schools in a single location. As we launch, we are covering schools across all of Eastern Colorado.

We are now developing mobile apps and we’re excited to see how this will grow in the 2022-23 school year. Thank you for watching games on Stormy Sports Net!

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